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Go It Alone:

  1. Thanks For Doing The Nasty
  2. Go It Alone
  3. Sunshine
  4. You Can Never Go Home
  5. Scam Man
  6. Ride The Tiger
  7. Life Is Jive
  8. The Face
  9. Monaco
  10. Reincarnation
  11. July 8Th
  12. Sister Tastes The Cold

A Blindman's Hindsight:

  1. Metaphysical Mate
  2. Your Funky Little Lady
  3. Sameway
  4. It Ain’T Your Dough
  5. The Madness (To Your Rhyme) (For L.J.S.)
  6. Nasty
  7. Sultry Groove
  8. Come On Inside
  9. We Make Us Laugh
  10. The Rattler
  11. (Climb On And Be) Free
  12. Poddin’ Peas (For L.J.S.)
  13. Smile In Ceylon

In Pursuit of Contentment:

  1. Back To You
  2. Island Groove
  3. The Art Of Beauty
  4. Metaphysical Mate
  5. Yesterday
  6. Haunting Smile
  7. Cruise
  8. Daydream
  9. Happy
  10. Your Funky Little Lady
  11. Dahab
  12. The Ceiling Fades Away
  13. A Long Time Ago
  14. Feel Good


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goitalonesmall.jpg (3769 bytes)“Go It Alone,” Shea’s third CD, explores the spectrum of pop. It includes 12 songs that range from heavy funk rock to touching ballads.

“There aren’t many records that sound like this, at least not now,” he says. “The demos were softer and more pop oriented, but when we got into the studio the tunes got funkier, heavier and developed more personality and that is due to the band displaying their personalities. I am really happy with the band and the way they conveyed mood.”

Despite “Go It Alone”’s sonic scope, essentially, it’s a solo album. Shea wrote the songs, sang, and played keys. “For a while, some of the songs were just keys, vocals and drums, but as we added the bass and guitar, the songs began to take on a much heavier feel.”

The songs of “Go It Alone” deftly fuse memorable melodies with musical complexity in a way that is reflective of their author. Well known TV and radio celebrity, Carla Collins, often remarks that, “Shea is a goofy guy that plays great music.” The pop-feel with hints of rock, and funk sums up this unbelievable new CD by one of Canada’s new exciting artists.

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