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“I’m just into fusing sounds to create something new,” says Shea. “I want to keep the tunes and vibe accessible, take risks and yet retain something people can sink their teeth into. Yes I do want to create something unique, and I also know that I am a summation of everything I’ve listened to growing up, but I still want to put a twist on it to create a unique feeling for the listener.”

“Since I can remember, my dream was to be a high-note man in a big band. I listened to all the great jazz trumpet players growing up. My limited hockey career put an end to my teeth and trumpet playing. After a few root canals I started writing music and this is the culmination of my past experiences.”

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Shea is a Canadian singer/songwriter that has released his 3rd CD, “Go It Alone”. At once nutty and sarcastic, while other times intimate and intelligent, “Go It Alone”, marks an unusual meeting of creative ambition and pop sensibility. His songs carefully introduce a variety of musical styles. His voice, piano and interesting lyrics create an explorative musical environment that straddles the spectrum of pop.

Shea is a wavy red-headed man who took to his family’s $15 piano (the bench cost $45) at the age of 7, and hasn’t come up for air since. Horns have long played a big part in Shea’s life. He started playing trumpet at 11 and started writing music at 16.

His persuasive use of words, philosophical themes, and tales of travel, make his 3rd CD a true reflection of the author.

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