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Go It Alone:

  1. Thanks For Doing The Nasty
  2. Go It Alone
  3. Sunshine
  4. You Can Never Go Home
  5. Scam Man
  6. Ride The Tiger
  7. Life Is Jive
  8. The Face
  9. Monaco
  10. Reincarnation
  11. July 8th
  12. Sister Tastes The Cold

A Blindman's Hindsight:

  1. Metaphysical Mate
  2. Your Funky Little Lady
  3. Sameway
  4. It Ain’T Your Dough
  5. The Madness (To Your Rhyme) (For L.J.S.)
  6. Nasty
  7. Sultry Groove
  8. Come On Inside
  9. We Make Us Laugh
  10. The Rattler
  11. (Climb On And Be) Free
  12. Poddin’ Peas (For L.J.S.)
  13. Smile In Ceylon

In Pursuit of Contentment:

  1. Back To You
  2. Island Groove
  3. The Art Of Beauty
  4. Metaphysical Mate
  5. Yesterday
  6. Haunting Smile
  7. Cruise
  8. Daydream
  9. Happy
  10. Your Funky Little Lady
  11. Dahab
  12. The Ceiling Fades Away
  13. A Long Time Ago
  14. Feel Good


bullet.jpg (696 bytes)LYRICS - A BLINDMAN'S HINDSIGHT


She smiled and said “Good-day”
I smiled back and said “Yeah with you babe”
She said “Make my day”
I said “I’m not sure if I can
But I’ll really try” oh yeah
Cause you’re my

Metaphysical mate
Metaphysical mate
Metaphysical mate
And I love you

I smiled and said “Hello”
She smiled back and said
“I know you know”
I said “I know you know”
She took my hand and said
“It’s time to start again” oh yeah
Cause you’re my

I knew it from the start
The first time we met
We’ve spent a thousand life times together
Let’s reunite and start
You and me girl
Together from the start
I was made for you
And you for me

Hi Honey I’m Home
Love Lingers Long Into The Lush After-LIfe

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